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ICO Status Upcoming
ICO Date 25th October 2017
Payment Method ETH
Funding Target $3,000,000
Funding Cap $25,000,000

Cash Poker Pro

Cash Poker Pro aims to bring social media, blockchains and gambling together to reintegrate trust back into poker. It is a blockchain-based poker platform, built to allow for fast and confidential transactions. The modern-day poker room.

It uses CASH as it's token, which are distributed using the Ethereum platform. Using blockchain technology means that there is no centralised institution, and this very fact is where Cash Poker Pro believe there is a gap in the market.


Those who gamble will likely tell you that they never 100% feel comfortable with the service the casino or book maker offers. This distrust is in the middle man is what Cash Poker Pro wants to remove. If there is no middle man, or centralised institution then that niggling feeling will go.

Using the blockchain technology makes verifying the random number generator (RNG) more secure and prevents any outside influence. The RNG is what casinos and gambling sites use to create the next outcome. Guaranteeing the security of this is a hugely attractive prospect.

The idea is to build poker rooms with a network structure where anyone can own a room and anyone can join a poker room.

Earn CASH tokens

You can earn CASH tokens in a variety of ways. Initially you will need to purchase them via the ICO, which begins on the 26th October 2017. But once the project is live, you will have methods similar to other tokens.

  • Using the proof-of-stake system whereby you can earn tokens by simply holding onto yours. You will essentially earn interest on these and incentives holding your coins.
  • You can earn CASH tokens by winning them when playing poker. Make sure you know your flush from your three of a kind.
  • The final and most innovative way you can earn CASH is by buying a poker room. When you are the owner of poker room, you earn a commission from each person in your room. Therefore, the more users in your poker room, the more you will earn.

CASH Wallet

Only you will have access to your CASH wallet and using smart contracts guarantees that your winnings are deposited to your wallet. You do not need to deposit into a poker room, all transactions are done directly through your wallet.

Cash Poker Pro Network

They then intend to integrate social media avenues into process. So, if you have a room, you can share it on Facebook, Whatsapp etc with the intention of attracting as many users as possible.

If you think about the reach social media has, you can see the potential pool size Cash Poker Pro are targeting. They also offer convenient tools to help attract new users to your poker tables.

The ICO distribution

As highlighted, the ICO will last for just over three weeks, from the 26th October 2017 to the 18th of November 2017.

There will be 60 million CASH tokens sold during the ICO, with a funding target of $3,000,000 and a cap of $25,000,000. If the cap is reached before selling all the CASH tokens, they will hold those back for the time being.

Bonus Scheme

The CASH tokens will be distributed with a bonus scheme. If you buy CASH tokens in week one of the ICO, you will receive a 3% bonus on your purchase. This bonus is reduced after every week of the ICO, therefore week two you receive a 2% bonus and week one you receive a 1% bonus.

There is also a bonus scheme, whereby the more you buy, you will be rewarded with additional CASH tokens. The bonus increases incrementally with the amount you buy.

Cash Poker Pro Bonus Scheme

Mining - Supply

In total there will be 100,000,000 CASH tokens, with 60,000,000 being sold at the ICO, that leaves 40,000,000. These will leave the remaining coins for the team, early investors and a fund.

Cash Poker Pro consists of a 10-man strong team, led by CEO Danila Prozorov, who have specialised in gaming projects for the past ten years. They have developed and implemented a number of different projects between them, all relating to the gambling industry or risks associated.

They have team up with advisors who specialise in poker, FX, blockchains and strategy, thus putting them in a good position to take this BETA project into a 'real world' blockchain gaming solution.

Currently over 50 poker schools, poker rooms and betting shops are using their software.

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